First Property creates an attractive level of diversification for investors andsets First Hotels apart from our competitors. At the same time, First Property also creates economies of scale and business opportunities for the other business areas within First Hotels.

Our extensive experience makes us experts in running hotels with outstanding efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Running a profitable hotel requires efficient solutions coupled with first-class service and customer satisfaction. Through First Operations, we manage the operation of hotels and their associated restaurant businesses, and with three decades of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to succeed.

First Operations offers a firm focus on cost-efficiency in this new business area, aimed at hotel owners who want to outsource all or part of their hotel operations to an experienced partner. First Operations also manages operations at hotel properties owned by First Hotels. First Hotels Planetstaden is the first example where we have invested in a hotel property whose operations are now managed by First Operations.

Restaurant First Hotel Planetstaden Lund@2X

First Hotel Planetstaden


Modern spa with pool and jacuzzi, gym, conference/cinema room, meeting rooms, food court with five F&B units for rent, etc. Location: The hotel is only a short walk from the centre of Lund, a city with around 100,000 inhabitants, 25 minutes from Malmö and 35 minutes from Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. The attractive location and state-of-the-art facilities make the hotel a strong option not only for business travellers and the leisure market, but also for potential tenants for the food court attached to the property. Lund is known as a university city that attracts many visitors and tourists, but it also has a strong technology and innovation sector. We expect this to promote job and population growth, and further increase the demand for accommodation.