For Hotel Owners

If you choose to become part of First Hotel, you'll join a strong network with over 2000 hotel colleagues in Scandinavia. Through our global partnerships, we make your hotel visible to guests from all around the world.

First Hotels offers flexible solutions for profitable hotels

First Hotels AB offers hotel owners the opportunity to market their hotel in the best possible way. Our main goal is to ensure that your hotel increases its revenues and reduces its distribution costs. Through our three business areas, Franchise, Property and Operations, we offer a unique level of breadth and flexibility that creates business opportunities for you as a hotel owner.

First Franchise: Choose our franchise concept to benefit from one of the Nordic region’s strongest brands, efficient operational solutions and a loyalty programme with over 470,000 members. 2022 saw the launch of First Partner Collection, which allows you to enjoy numerous benefits without employing our brand. This is a flexible solution for anyone seeking economies of scale without becoming a full franchisee under the First Hotels brand.

First Operations:

With over three decades of experience, we know what it takes to run profitable hotels. If you want to take a step back from the day- to-day management, we offer a complete solution to make your hotel thrive.

First Property: We invest in attractive hotel properties in Scandinavia, so if you want to sell your property, First Property could be a potential buyer.

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