Business areas

Three strong business areas

First Hotels operates across three key business areas: Franchise, Operations and Property, with each area playing a crucial role in ensuring the success and sustainability of the company’s hotel portfolio. Our business areas enable First Hotels to thrive in a competitive hotel industry, deliver memorable experiences and create strong partnerships with independent hotel owners.

The three business areas function both independently and on an integrated footing, creating unique flexibility for our customers and partners. High efficiency and scalability define all our business areas, thus laying the foundation for a successful business with an unwavering focus on hotel guest satisfaction.

Franchise Img


First Hotels is among the leading hotel franchise providers in the Nordics, with strong technological capabilities and identified ways to substantially increase its portfolio of franchise members.

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Restaurant First Hotel Planetstaden Lund@2X


Our extensive experience makes us experts in running hotels with outstanding efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Planetstaden Property


Through robust property investments, we create new business opportunities for First Hotels and a solid foundation for profitable growth.

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