First Hotels AB is implementing quarterly reporting and updating the financial calendar

To enhance our transparency and provide more frequent financial information to our shareholders and stakeholders, we are transitioning to quarterly reporting and therefore phasing out the market updates we have previously published.

The new dates and details regarding our financial reporting are as follows:

Silent period15 April-14 May, 2024
Interim Report January - March 2024May 15, 2024
Annual Report 2023May 31, 2024
Annual General Meeting 2024June 24, 2024
Silent period31 July -29 August, 2024
Interim Report April - June 2024August 30, 2024
Silent period15 October-14 November, 2024
Interim Report July-September 2024November 15, 2024
Silent period12 January-13 February, 2025
Interim Report October - December 2024February 14, 2025
Annual Report 2024May 30, 2025
Annual General Meeting 2025June 24, 2025

We encourage our shareholders and stakeholders to take note of the new dates and plan their participation accordingly. More detailed information about each event will be posted on our website well in advance of each occasion.

"I am delighted to welcome you to this exciting phase in our journey as a listed company. For us, this is not just a step forward; it is a dedication to increasing our openness and transparency towards you, our existing and potential shareholders.

Being listed on the market means a deeper relationship with all of you. It's about sharing our successful journey, providing insights into our performance and our future potential. By providing more frequent financial information, we are taking an important step towards realizing this goal. These changes in our financial calendar are part of our commitment to increased transparency and communication with our shareholders. We believe that by providing more frequent and current information, we will be able to create a stronger and more informed community around First Hotels.
Together, we will continue to grow and create value.

I am truly looking forward to sharing our progress and results with you on this journey towards shared success," comments the company's CEO, Thomas Gillespie.